Building Assurance in a Blockchain World

Are you prepared to address the risks?
Building tools and services to protect Web3 infrastructure is Social Protocol Labs’ goal. We use the top L1 blockchains to incubate and build solutions from the ground up in the Web3 and smart contract areas. We offer services for smart contract design, systems integration, bridging design, smart contract audit, tradfi integration, security compliance, security architecture for Web3 and smart contract initiatives.


Focus Areas

Social Protocol Labs - Blockchain Risk Management Framework

The traditional financial infrastructure lacks composability and produces inefficient results since it is constructed on rigid foundations. Through the use of blockchain and Web3 technologies, we have a once-in-a-generation potential to completely rewire the financial value chain.

Our objective is to utilise the tools and creative expertise we have acquired over the years at traditional financial institutions to create a Web3 infrastructure that is open, safe, and secure.

About UsĀ 
A small group of engineers, researchers, quant traders, and experts in the payment sector make up the management team at Silicon Valley-based Social Protocol Labs.