What is Social Labs?

Social Labs is a lab! Our goal is to use the power of prototyping to generate world changing possibilities. While doing that we also want to spread the culture of entrepreneurship and risk taking.

We collect emerging problems, categorize them, prototype concept solutions, provide these concept solutions a minimal web presence. After that we leave them to their Darwinian fate. Sometimes they walk and in some cases they end up making us wiser. Mostly they give us lot of fun. Prototypes usually end up taking the shape of a web application or a mobile app.

Why Social Labs?
Deep down we believe that society based on healthy appetite for risk-taking and entrepreneurship is forward looking and tolerant. Entrepreneurship fosters inter-dependency at social level and obsession with can-do attitude generates positive vibe. It is a good thing!

End Game?
We want to change the world and make it better. It’s broken in many ways! Have you read this morning newspaper? Or just browse Google News for few minutes.

It’s not that we need new ideas, but we need to stop having old ideas – Edwin Land, Founder Polaroid

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