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Rarely Asked Questions

Why do we need to innovate, why can't we just copy and run fast like many successful companies out there?

Creating something new and from scratch is SO much more fun.

Who do you think is doing interesting work out there?

There are lot of organizations and individuals who we admire and respect. Some of these organizations include -

Why do you think they are doing interesting work?

Many reasons -

  • Long term approach
  • Big problems
  • Design matters
  • Small step leads to big results

How can we contact you?

You can reach us by emailing at info@sociallabs.com, Alternatively you can reach Brij via his blog

I like what Social Labs is doing and would like to contact for job opportunities.

You can send us a one page email at info@sociallabs.com, describing what interests you and what all interesting things you have done so far. Please don't send any attachments.

Do you invest in other companies as well?

NO. If project is compatible with our vision and we like the team then we can consider providing help with financial and operational resources.