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We believe combination of attractive economics for new venture formation, shifting demographics and emergence of new contexts – largely due to the intersection of mobile, cloud and social technologies – we are sitting on the verge of a new era. Think of what physicists accomplished during 20s in last century. Massive innovation in short time. Its about to happen again. Many problems will get solved and not all innovations will have the right impact. We don’t know the impact part. We want to discover it and do that by engaging in focused experiments.

Goal of Social Labs is to make an impact by identifying emerging problems, inventing technology solutions and empowering next generation of entrepreneurs to solve problems which really matter.

We have a distributed team. We are present in California, Bangalore, Dehradoon, and Kanpur. This diverse geographic coverage gives us unique insight into emerging problems and their probable solutions.

Will be sharing more details very soon.

Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all – Ernest Shackleton

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